BPM drilling jar and Accelerator

BPM Drilling Jar and Accelerator
Drilling Jar
Due to complicated geologic structure, improper technologies and measures as well as slurry, pipe column and wellbore during drilling operation, the bottom hole assembly (BHA) may cause drill sticking accident. Drill sticking may severely affect the drilling work and even bring severe hazard; if it is dealt with incorrectly, it may waste a long time, lose the drilling footage and, moreover, it may worsen the accident and even make the oil or gas well rejected. The Drilling Jar is a kind of effective tool used for jam release. If stuck, it is released through a heavy up or down jarring on the right place. Bumper jar products produced by Beijing Petroleum Machinery Factory mainly include: drilling jar and fishing jar.
ZJS series Accelerator(hydraulic)may be used together with the drilling jar to ensure max jarring efficiency in directional drilling where wall drag is a problem,or in shallow holes where pipe stretch is insufficient.Besides,it can absorb muvh of the shock of the rebounding string after the jarring stroke,protecting tools and string from damage.