BPM Progressive cavity pump

BPM Progressive Cavity Pump
PCP Overview
As a new artificially-lifting oil recovery device, the single-screw oil pump is mainly composed of ground driving device and downhole single-screw oil pump. As required by the user, Beijing Petroleum nery Factory may provide supporting products for the single-screw oil pump system, including wellhead blowout-preventing crossbar, frequency-variable control cabinet, tubing anchor and so on. PC Pump can be widely used for producing ordinary crude oil,high viscosity oil and sandy crude ect.and it can be used in flowing conversion well,well completion testing,coal bed gas application ect.
Well Testing PC Pump Series
With the development of well testing technology,drill stem test(DST)has become more and more important during the well drilling process,and it has become one of measures to gain the information of the formation flow and fluid-batch. The well test PC pump is originally mended on the basis of downhole motor.To fit the well testing requirement we amend the structure of this product.The well test PC pump is well matched with ordinary DST pipe,which can do the drill stem test and testing operation on the bleed well or non-flowing well. This kind of pump can be characterized with simple test string,convenient implement and visual test data.

BPM Progressive cavity pump surface

Surface PC Pump Series
Surface PC pump is suitable for various fluid mediums,especially for high viscosity medium,because the pump is not sensitive to viscosity.It is also suitable to transporting medium containing particle or fibre,and mixture of gas and liquid.It is widely used in oil industry,cola industry,chemical industry,industrial waste treating etc. Flow-rate can be adjusted by changing pump speed.Gear reducer or pulley-belt reducer are integrated in drive head.Motors can be equipped according to customer's requirements. Technical characteristics Surface PC pump model illustration Specifications and Features Surface PC pump has features of wide speed range,small pressure impulse,smooth running,low noise etc.